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Past (& upcoming) Events


Sacramento Epicureans has been doing monthly food centric events since 2003.

To know what we are about and where we go, here is a short summary of the recent events we have done, and a sneak peek into the future events we are planning (subject to change).

January, 2013-  We got spoiled at Vientieanne, a fantastic Laotian Restaurant in West Sacramento.

February, 2013 - We had delicious Middle Eastern fare and great entertainment at Maalouf's

March, 2013 - A veritable Italian feast was had at Sampino's Italian Deli & Restaurant

April, 2013 - A delicious southern brunch was had at Mama Kim's

May, 2013 - Central American treats like pupusas and more were enjoyed at La Flor Pupusas

June, 2013 - We got spoiled for a decadent dimsum brunch at New Canton restaurant

July, 2013 - We got treated to an evening of Korean BBQ at Korea House

August, 2013 -  We visited Bamiyan, a gem of a Afghan Restaurant

September, 2013 - The Kitchen offered us a decadent feast of Sacramento's finest dining

October, 2013 - As the seasons change we traveled north and sampled Russian fare at Firebird

December, 2013 - As is traditional we closed the year at Marrakesh, a Moroccan restaurant full of fun

January, 2014 - A delicious evening of Mexican seafood was had at Las Islitas

February, 2014 The Eatery in West Sacramento is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered

March, 2014 - Ethiopian food is a treat in its diversity and flavors, find out and join us!

April, 2014 - Thai treats await us at Boon Boon Cafe

May, 2014 - Italian delicacies were served at Matteo's Bistro

August, 2014 - Dimsum at New Canton

September, 2014 - Our annual trek to the amazing "The Kitchen"

September, 2014 - Lalo's Mexican Food is a hidden gem in South Sacramento

October, 2014 - An exploration into the flavors of Central Mexico at Lalo's 

November, 2014 - Greek decadence at Cafe Europa

December, 2014 -  We closed the year with a Moroccan Feast at Marrakech

January, 2015 - A veritable Italian feast was had at Sampino's Deli & Restaurant

February, 2015 - A trek into the delicious cuisine of Afghanistan at Bamiyan Restaurant

March, 2015 - A decandent Japanese omakase sushi experience was had at Shige Sushi

April, 2015 - A smokin' good time was had at Fahrenheit 250 with delicious BBQ

May, 2015 -  Cantonese cuisine

June, 2015 - Filipino cuisine 

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