Sacramento Epicureans

On a constant journey for all the best foods in Sacramento
What is Sacramento Epicureans?

Welcome to the Epicureans Dining Group!

This is a gathering place for all those that love food and socializing. We meet monthly to sample a restaurant in the general Sacramento area, each time a different one. Signing up is FREE, you only pay an amount included in the prices of the events when you participate.

We do a variety of food related events, but the majority of them are dinners at 
local restaurants that may not be very well known, but are really good. We set up a multi-course menu with a focus on sampling the variety of best dishes the particular restaurant has to offer. We do this either by dining family style, buffet style, or with sampler platters. Each event has a pre-determined price that generally includes at least 3 courses,dessert, tax, tip and a fee for the organizers. Most events range in price between $20-45 and are attended by an average of 25-30 people of approximate ages of 25-65. 

Occasionally we also do premium restaurants like The Kitchen, Mulvaney's, Enotria, etc. We also do food themed events, like tea, coffee, chocolate or wine samplings, private cooking classes and occasionally private dinner events with local chefs.

Join our lists and come out to enjoy all that Sacramento has to offer!

Contact Us

Telephone: 916-296-4251

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